Adjusting to college

I’ve been asked by a few people over the years on my opinion of college.. So I’m not going to lie here, college has been the best days of my life so far. Not that I’ve had a long life at the age of 20, but for anybody that has the ability and means to go to college, I would really recommend going. I am currently in my final year of college… ALREADY! God it’s so hard to believe I’m already in my third year. I have absolutely no regrets. However, it hasn’t been the easiest road to have a comfortable life in college. Here are the few tips I would give to anyone who is thinking about going to college:

1 – Research – make sure that the college/course that you are applying to is right for you. So many of my friends have wasted 1 or 2 years of their valuable time in the wrong course or a college they hated which has resulted in THOOUSAANDS of euros wasted. Seriously guys. Research! If you’re a creative musical person then the last thing you should do is go for a course like neuroscience. Sure, you might be thinking it’ll be good to have an impressive degree in the long run.. but at the end of the day most students drop out of courses that they don’t enjoy. Put yourself first.

2 – Set Goals – ask yourself “Why am I here?”. Picturing yourself with that legendary degree surrounded by all your new friends really makes all the difference adjusting to your new life. If you enter college with a dossers attitude, you will get a dossers degree.. end of. Go to college expecting hard work, and planning to try your best.

3 – Keep on top of things – easier said than done.. I know! Quite a few times over the past few years I’ve found myself up until an unholy hour trying to get that last assignment done or squeezing in that vital revision for that exam I knew about WEEKS ago! Seriously guys it is not worth it. Try to get little bits done over time and you will find college more of a doodle than I did. However, every student has at least that ONE assignment that they just can’t get the motivation to begin. If you find yourself in the situation where it’s 10 at night and the assignment is due the next day.. STAY UP AND DO IT! 😛 I know you want your sleep, but late assignments and penalties do not look good on your student record.

4 – Be an Early Bird – I’m sure for a lot of you this isn’t your favourite thing to read. I don’t always practice what I preach either. I have found though that in college, whether you live on or off-campus, waking up that extra one or two hours early can really help you during the day. Seeing as I’m in college Monday to Friday and I work the weekends, my time is limited. Having such a hectic schedule can mean I love that extra few minutes in bed. When I do apply myself though I can get exercise or college work done, and I feel fantastically productive after.

5 – Finally, have fun! – Challenge yourself academically, but leave yourself time to have fun as well. Don’t waste your free time hanging around doing nothing. Get out there and join some of the college clubs and societies. I joined the Dance Society and the Ladies Choir and I made amazing lifelong friends. Also, why not help run one? Being Secretary of the Music Society in my second year will be a good thing to put on my c.v 🙂 Go on night’s out and don’t be afraid to talk to new people… you never know who could be a new friend.

Ciára xo


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