When life throws you lemons..


So, I’m in my final college year (eeep!). My decision to study Composition came as a real shock to me. As part of my music degree I had to choose at the beginning of the year what I would like to major in: Performance, Composition, Musicology or Taught (a kind of random bits and bobs degree.. mainly aimed for Arts students). I choose Composition. Reason being? I nearly failed my Performance exams in my second year….and I was gutted.

I came into NUIM with the mindset of studying Performance for my finals. I felt so set in my ways. I thought “I’ve been Performing for years and I only began Composing, it makes sense to stick to what I know”. After studying it for 2 years though, I felt that my love for singing was being sucked out of me. There is so much pressure on you to deliver and if you mess up on the day, you degree is screwed! I learned that the hard way. I panicked and forgot all my lyrics and just stood there grasping at straws. Thankfully, I passed my exam somehow. And I was surprised to see that my highest scores overall was in Composition!? .

So I am now studying Composition and I love it! It just goes to show, you never know what life is going to throw at you. I never thought I’d be composing solo pieces for the Alto Saxophone.. I didn’t know I had that ability in me. My point that I’m making is that don’t be narrow minded and don’t be afraid to branch out and take risks. Try new things. You never know what life will bring your way or what new talents you might discover that you never realized you had.

Ciára xo


My college on South Campus – NUI Maynooth ❤

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