Caffeine withdrawals, love sickness and being different. My daily thoughts <3

So right now all my friends are in their lectures and I have none to go to until 12. So I decided I would go to the Common Room and have a little blog about my day so far.

So today, I said goodbye to my boyfriend Joe. We’ve been together just over a year now and we’ve been friends since I moved to Ireland really. He is going job hunting in Waterford (down the South of Ireland) and I won’t be seeing him until Saturday or Sunday. I’ll miss him a lot but there is nothing for him where we live.


I drove to college drinking a secret coffee as usual .. (I’m trying to kick the morning caffeine addiction). It’s only been one hour but the symptoms are kicking in: headaches and crankiness. My new theory is to drink tea in the morning now, as believe it or not, tea does have a high enough caffeine content and I find it therapeutic. I find tea more of a winding down after college/work drink though :/ so I’m finding this transition… preeeetty diffficult 


Anyway sitting here on my own, some people are shooting me odd looks because of a certain hat I’m wearing. However, others have come over to tell me they love it. What do you think? I always liked quirky things. I find that your clothes express who you are 🙂 Let me know! And what do you wear that expresses your individualty? 🙂


 Ciára xo

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