Good News and Childhood Revisited

Well today I drove my Dad to the hospital to get the test results from an x-ray he got last month. We had a scare last April where he went for a simple gall bladder operation and everything went wrong. He bled out and lost a LOT of blood.. we nearly lost him. But he’s a fighter and now it’s like nothing happened. The good news is all is well and he has a clean bill of health. We’re all so happy in the house 🙂

Today though with all the worry coming up to the results, I felt suddenly aware of how scary life can be.. and I really didn’t like that feeling. Soo.. I sank back into childhood for a while. I got my comfy clothes on, some doritos and salsa dip and I watched The Lion King 1 and 2 and I LOVED it. Sometimes you’ve just got to be a kid 🙂 You’re never to old for Disney Movies ❤


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