The Future Changes

I havn’t blogged in a while. I’ve had looooads of assignments due in and then what time I had off I was catching up on sleep and going out. However.. today has been a difficult day for me in terms of.. my future? What the HELL am I going to do when I graduate?

Now don’t get me wrong. I havn’t been completely clueless up to now. The problem is that my ideas are changing. I was at a meeting today… and I was advised NOT to do my TV/Radio production Masters degree next year but instead to do a Diploma in Education as a backup in case my dreams fall flat and I have no back up.. However I’m determined not to give up so easily. I’m currently emailing every radio and tv station in Ireland looking for advice. So far only Today FM has got back to me in what to do next year. I’m so grateful for that.. but what to do? If the councellor is right, and my dreams of working in Radio don’t come true.. could I really be happy teaching second level English and/or Music? It’s a very comfortable career to have and if I got into teaching I would be sorted for life.. but would I be happy? Am I willing to let my dreams and plans change?

So now I have to follow my head or my heart.. what would you do?


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