Unremarkable things about me

I know some (or all) of you that read my blogs don’t know me so here’s some little facts that might give more of an insight on my writing.

  • I’m 20 years old
  • I’m in my final year studying English and Music in Uni and I don’t have a clue what Masters degree to do next year… Education or Media?
  • I live at home (still!) because with college expense I can’t afford to move out.
  • And that’s a killer because living at home sucks when you’re older. Although there are some perks (dinner, laundry etc)
  • I have a fantastic boyfriend of over one year called Joe and he’s everything to me.
  • I also have many lovely friends who are the bombdiggity.
  • I can be a pretty weird random person and sometimes thoughts pop into my head and I’m like whaaaaaaat?? I just have to remember not to say them aloud because people might think I’m crazy…. doesn’t really work though
  • I have a new found love for wine.
  • I quite like my own company and doing my own thing.. I don’t feel a need to constantly be doing what other people do.. so I guess that means that I have my own mind.
  • I have plans to get the hell out of this country after college and see the world with Joe.
  • I LOVE to read more than watching tv.
  • I used to be too trusting when I was younger and I also put up with peoples crap because I guess I had no backbone. Put the past year has changed all that and I’m a happier stronger person.
  • I’m constantly in a love/hate war with my body. But what girl isn’t?
  • I can be jealous and insecure. Not overly so. But the feelings are there.
  • I’m a morning person. But I’m not a night person. Once I’m tired there is NO staying awake for me.

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