Another Life Catch Up

so it’s been a while.. 🙂

how are all you lovely people?? I hope all your summers have been amazing and that you are all well and healthy.

I myself have had a very hectic but fun filled summer! I am currently typing this on my phone in my new accommodation in Dublin. Why am I in Dublin you ask? Well because I got that Masters degree I wanted 😀 that’s right guys.. I am now a Ma in International Relations student in DCU and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Also I went to Zakynthos with my parents and Joe in June and had an absolutely fantastic time 🙂 The Greek people are so kind and accommodating and the island is such a beautiful place. Also your money will stretch a very long way there 🙂 I would highly recommend there 🙂

so when I came back it was a lot of work shifts in the fast food place that I work and then in August it was my 21st 🙂 a long night of music, food, drink, dancing and good times! Had the best night of my life 😉 (pictures coming soon)

In September then was my Dads retirement and my graduation from NUIM! Two very big celebration one after another and I got very emotional leaving Maynooth! Made some incredible friends there and I have memories that will last me a life time.

Joe and I together 2 years on Friday so that’s a mini celebration too 🙂

so come on guys, let me in on your summers 🙂



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