Music distraction :)


Serious 60s music is being listened to right now. The lyrics and tune fit my mood right now. What a better way to not do my essay ❤


Life catch-up

Firstly, Happy Easter you guys!! Scoff your faces!! Love me some chocolate I do 😀

So I havn’t blogged in… ages??

Why? Well basically life has been crazy. So much stuff has been going on and then I suppose once it calmed down I’d fallen out of the rhythm of blogging. 

I have 1 month left in college, super stressed with a ton load of work. I’ve been faced with problems of “what am I doing with me life!?”. 2 weeks ago I got offered a place in DCU to do a MA in International Relations as long as I get a 2:1. At first I was elated with happiness, pride and some nerves. But now the crunch-time has come.. time to get working.

I got my hair dyed a dark chocolate brown yesterday.. the blonde brown is gone.. I’ve gone to the dark side 🙂 I love the change! 


Joe and I are still together. 1 year and 1 half 🙂 never been happier. He treats me like a princess..he’s a keeper. That part of my life is awesome anyway 🙂

I’ve been hanging out with my mates and catching up with old ones. You find that when you leave secondary school and everyone goes different ways you fade apart. It’s nice to catch up over coffee. Keep your mates close. 🙂

I’m 21 this year and instead of a big function room party (which I would dread..don’t like all the attention), my parents have bought a 2-week holiday to Zakynthos for them, me and Joe. We go a week after my exams finish and I am so excited for it!


So, I’m going to go now and try and write an assignment on feminism in Irish literature.. If you ever feel sad, just look at this picture of a smiling lamb 🙂 Taa-raa


Unremarkable things about me

I know some (or all) of you that read my blogs don’t know me so here’s some little facts that might give more of an insight on my writing.

  • I’m 20 years old
  • I’m in my final year studying English and Music in Uni and I don’t have a clue what Masters degree to do next year… Education or Media?
  • I live at home (still!) because with college expense I can’t afford to move out.
  • And that’s a killer because living at home sucks when you’re older. Although there are some perks (dinner, laundry etc)
  • I have a fantastic boyfriend of over one year called Joe and he’s everything to me.
  • I also have many lovely friends who are the bombdiggity.
  • I can be a pretty weird random person and sometimes thoughts pop into my head and I’m like whaaaaaaat?? I just have to remember not to say them aloud because people might think I’m crazy…. doesn’t really work though
  • I have a new found love for wine.
  • I quite like my own company and doing my own thing.. I don’t feel a need to constantly be doing what other people do.. so I guess that means that I have my own mind.
  • I have plans to get the hell out of this country after college and see the world with Joe.
  • I LOVE to read more than watching tv.
  • I used to be too trusting when I was younger and I also put up with peoples crap because I guess I had no backbone. Put the past year has changed all that and I’m a happier stronger person.
  • I’m constantly in a love/hate war with my body. But what girl isn’t?
  • I can be jealous and insecure. Not overly so. But the feelings are there.
  • I’m a morning person. But I’m not a night person. Once I’m tired there is NO staying awake for me.

Daily Message


Every girl (and boy) has insecurities. I’ve been with my boyfriend now over a year and I still can have jealous days. He’s never given me reason to be jealous or insecure, but sometimes we just have those days don’t we? So chin up, smile and smack yourself for being silly 😛 there are things about you that make Always remember that. And remember, you are beautiful! 🙂

Good News and Childhood Revisited

Well today I drove my Dad to the hospital to get the test results from an x-ray he got last month. We had a scare last April where he went for a simple gall bladder operation and everything went wrong. He bled out and lost a LOT of blood.. we nearly lost him. But he’s a fighter and now it’s like nothing happened. The good news is all is well and he has a clean bill of health. We’re all so happy in the house 🙂

Today though with all the worry coming up to the results, I felt suddenly aware of how scary life can be.. and I really didn’t like that feeling. Soo.. I sank back into childhood for a while. I got my comfy clothes on, some doritos and salsa dip and I watched The Lion King 1 and 2 and I LOVED it. Sometimes you’ve just got to be a kid 🙂 You’re never to old for Disney Movies ❤


Put yourself first..


I’ve learnt some valuable life lessons in the past year alone. There comes a point in your life when you realize who is there for you and who is not. Don’t let people who weren’t there for you when you were at your worst, try and be there now that you’re at your best. Only surround yourself with those who love you. You will be surprised how much better you feel.

Ciára xo