Crunch time!

Hey guys! I want to take this time to thank all my new followers! It means a lot 🙂

Also this week is crunch time in college with so many exams and assignments, so if I’m swamped I won’t be writing much. However, I want to stick to my goal of AT LEAST one blog a week so here it is 🙂 just letting you all know this space will be more than likely blog free until next Monday. However, summer vacation is just around the corner, so lots of blogging and vlogging heading your way very soon 😛

until then though I would SUPER DUPER appreciate it if you could check out my new YouTube channel @ 🙂 

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Until then, Happy Tuesday everyone! 



VLOG ○ boyfriend/dogs/work time ♥


Just a vlog about my Friday/Saturday morning. In case you didn’t gather from the vlog I’m a HUGE animal lover ♥ (sarcasm)

Soo.. What’s up?

Yeah so it’s been what… 7 months? Not gonna lie I kiiiiinda fell off the blogging scene. And the simple reason for that is that as soon as I wrote my last one, life went crazy! Moved to Dublin, started life in a new place, a new college, a new course and with new people. SCARY! :O

But I regret nothing 😀 it’s been seriously awesome! This course at the moment is challenging as hell and right about now I want to pull my hair out over the assignments I have due. But still, I love it! Because it challenges me and opens my eyes to so many issues we have in the world today. This semester I have chosen to study Political Terrorism and Human Rights Law and it’s a huge workload. But it’s helped me see that when I leave college, I want to help people. And hopefully travel one day and see the world. That’d be swell. 

But for now I’m going on lots of short breaks! I went to Budapest (which is in Hungary) last February which was so beautiful. I’m going to Croatia in June with my parents and Amsterdam in July with my boyfriend! So it’s going to be an exciting year to say the least! In the mean time whilst I’m off seeing these places I’ll also be writing my thesis. Hopefully the college I’m in will actually like it and let me graduate! 😀 Masters Degree baby woooo!

Right now I’m having some writers block and I figured writing this would help me get typing something at least. Anyway, Ima go and bang my head against the table a little bit more. 🙂 promise I’ll write soon!

Adios guys. Stay classy xo

Image ImageImage



(left – right) The Houses of Parliament in Budapest, Rubbing the Police mans belly for good luck :), St Stephan’s Basilica, Ice Skating beside Buda Castle, Joe and I celebrating St Patrick’s Day at the local parade, Lucile, myself and Airam = best room mates! ❤

Another Life Catch Up

so it’s been a while.. 🙂

how are all you lovely people?? I hope all your summers have been amazing and that you are all well and healthy.

I myself have had a very hectic but fun filled summer! I am currently typing this on my phone in my new accommodation in Dublin. Why am I in Dublin you ask? Well because I got that Masters degree I wanted 😀 that’s right guys.. I am now a Ma in International Relations student in DCU and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Also I went to Zakynthos with my parents and Joe in June and had an absolutely fantastic time 🙂 The Greek people are so kind and accommodating and the island is such a beautiful place. Also your money will stretch a very long way there 🙂 I would highly recommend there 🙂

so when I came back it was a lot of work shifts in the fast food place that I work and then in August it was my 21st 🙂 a long night of music, food, drink, dancing and good times! Had the best night of my life 😉 (pictures coming soon)

In September then was my Dads retirement and my graduation from NUIM! Two very big celebration one after another and I got very emotional leaving Maynooth! Made some incredible friends there and I have memories that will last me a life time.

Joe and I together 2 years on Friday so that’s a mini celebration too 🙂

so come on guys, let me in on your summers 🙂



Writer’s Block

I thought I’d write about something that is really starting to get on my nerves. The irony of writing about writer’s block…

I have an essay due this week. It is actually due today but I am ill and have been granted an extension. But for some profound reason, nothing is coming into my head to write! Instead I find myself tweeting (yes I know!), looking up Adult Education classes for my Dad to do and writing a blog to all you lovely people. Even on Sunday when I tried to write, I ended up making a cheesecake.. Procrastination at it’s best.

I have worked out the reason why though, well two reasons.

1) I’m sick. It really doesn’t help.

2) I actually hate this assignment. It’s boring and I don’t enjoy it. Trying to write on something you don’t enjoy is so tedious.

Although you could argue if you do it now, it’s out of the way and you won’t to face another Irish Studies essay again. But I don’t want to rush it and get an awful mark. Although I did enjoy reading the book (Kate O’Briens The Land of Spices), writing about the temporalities and possibilities of female-development is  another matter. I’ve only got one month of college left though. I’d better just crack on with it.. Goodbye Kate O’Brien and your feminist literature!Image

Caffeine withdrawals, love sickness and being different. My daily thoughts <3

So right now all my friends are in their lectures and I have none to go to until 12. So I decided I would go to the Common Room and have a little blog about my day so far.

So today, I said goodbye to my boyfriend Joe. We’ve been together just over a year now and we’ve been friends since I moved to Ireland really. He is going job hunting in Waterford (down the South of Ireland) and I won’t be seeing him until Saturday or Sunday. I’ll miss him a lot but there is nothing for him where we live.


I drove to college drinking a secret coffee as usual .. (I’m trying to kick the morning caffeine addiction). It’s only been one hour but the symptoms are kicking in: headaches and crankiness. My new theory is to drink tea in the morning now, as believe it or not, tea does have a high enough caffeine content and I find it therapeutic. I find tea more of a winding down after college/work drink though :/ so I’m finding this transition… preeeetty diffficult 


Anyway sitting here on my own, some people are shooting me odd looks because of a certain hat I’m wearing. However, others have come over to tell me they love it. What do you think? I always liked quirky things. I find that your clothes express who you are 🙂 Let me know! And what do you wear that expresses your individualty? 🙂


 Ciára xo