VLOG ○ boyfriend/dogs/work time ♥


Just a vlog about my Friday/Saturday morning. In case you didn’t gather from the vlog I’m a HUGE animal lover ♥ (sarcasm)


Hot Hot Hot!

So I figured I’d respond to the “Daily prompt” of the day from “The Daily Post” which is “The Ring of Fire!”. Which I find a hilarious title really about if you love/hate spicy food! 🙂 (2 blog posts in one day, what’s happening to me :P)

Spicy food is huge love of mine. It’s even in my “About Me” section. I could even go as far as to say that I’m addicted to spice. There’s just something so therapeutic and yummy about Indian food to me. To really go into it I have to go back to when I was a very small child. My earliest memories are of being brought to the Balti Houses and restaurants in Birmingham/Coventry/Kenilworth depending on where we lived at the time. My parents were huge believers in making sure I was involved in the food they ate and they always made me try something to see if I liked/disliked it. It was an exciting social event and I always looked forward to it. I believe when I was 4 I started eating Indian food and my go-to dish was a Chicken Korma with rice and Pineapple Juice. This is a very sweet curry made from coconuts. Perfect to train your child slowly into exotic foods 😛 I still remember the aromas when I walked in hand-in-hand with my parents, the smiling faces from the waiters, the colorful walls and pictures, the small burning flame of the candles. It was the start of my love affair with Indian food. The smell of spices sizzling in the kitchen now brings me straight back to my childhood and that’s something I’ll always take comfort in 🙂 

And now I have an extremely high toleration for spice. I think my favorite would have to Lamb Madras. Beautiful. And my boyfriend shares the same passion in food and for me this is perfection! This means we love to waste our Sundays cooking food all day, having some bottles of beer and listening to music in the sun. It’s a huge bonding experience, something you can be proud over and share. Just last week we made this! Onion Bhaji’s, Chicken Bhuna, Cardamom Rice and Naan.


Unfortunately disaster struck this year. I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) so if I eat too much spicy foods, I pay the consequences. But god damn it, it’s hard to resist! I think Indian food has the social concept done exactly right. It’s not fancy, served up for you and expecting to be gawked and looked it. It’s pure soul and comfort food. It warms you from your toes up and makes you happy inside. Also, everyone helps themselves and a lot of people (myself included) like to eat with my hands with the Naan/Parathas. So in that sense, it’s perfect for family/friend dinner time and making it a social celebration of food. God I’m making myself hungry now just writing this. Taa-raa people! 🙂 

Stay spicy and beautiful! ❤

Soo.. What’s up?

Yeah so it’s been what… 7 months? Not gonna lie I kiiiiinda fell off the blogging scene. And the simple reason for that is that as soon as I wrote my last one, life went crazy! Moved to Dublin, started life in a new place, a new college, a new course and with new people. SCARY! :O

But I regret nothing 😀 it’s been seriously awesome! This course at the moment is challenging as hell and right about now I want to pull my hair out over the assignments I have due. But still, I love it! Because it challenges me and opens my eyes to so many issues we have in the world today. This semester I have chosen to study Political Terrorism and Human Rights Law and it’s a huge workload. But it’s helped me see that when I leave college, I want to help people. And hopefully travel one day and see the world. That’d be swell. 

But for now I’m going on lots of short breaks! I went to Budapest (which is in Hungary) last February which was so beautiful. I’m going to Croatia in June with my parents and Amsterdam in July with my boyfriend! So it’s going to be an exciting year to say the least! In the mean time whilst I’m off seeing these places I’ll also be writing my thesis. Hopefully the college I’m in will actually like it and let me graduate! 😀 Masters Degree baby woooo!

Right now I’m having some writers block and I figured writing this would help me get typing something at least. Anyway, Ima go and bang my head against the table a little bit more. 🙂 promise I’ll write soon!

Adios guys. Stay classy xo

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(left – right) The Houses of Parliament in Budapest, Rubbing the Police mans belly for good luck :), St Stephan’s Basilica, Ice Skating beside Buda Castle, Joe and I celebrating St Patrick’s Day at the local parade, Lucile, myself and Airam = best room mates! ❤