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Hello all!

I know I have not blogged in quite some time but I want to draw your attention to a fantastic service that you are probably unaware of. is a website to completely optimize and perfect your travel experience and is recommended by critics from the likes of The New York Times and the Daily Mail. As their website states,

Discover faces not empty places.”

The point of the service is to accommodate travelers in the homes of local people or “hosts.” With hosts offering their homes in over 140 countries, there are plenty of cultures and new friendships to choose from. Save time hunting down information on the local attractions. The hosts are there to help you, point you in the right direction and introduce you to any local secret attractions that you may enjoy.

Homestay hosts are more than just temporary landlords handing over keys, they’re real people sharing their homes, inviting guests into their world.” ~

On top of that, the promises quality and affordability. The website is easy to use. Just type in your preferred location, amount of people and dates that you will stay and – Voila! A choice of various homestays with info on the hosts, pictures of the rooms and even prices in your own currency.

Check it out yourself at and now available to download is the app in the Apple App Store which has a sleek design, is easy to use and makes communication between possible hosts easier than ever.


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Croatia, Lyme Disease and YouTube ❤

Hey guys! How are you all doin’? Awesomely I hope 🙂

So.. my month has been quite an interesting one, not going to lie. I’ve finally settled into life back home. I’ve moved back in with my parents now permanently. I’ve been used to being on my own, doing my own thing, without anyone questioning what I do or when I do it whilst in Dublin. So I’ve had to get back into the swing of home life in the countryside. I’m 22 still at home. When I was a kid I always thought I’d be moved out by now. But I never thought I’d be accepted into a Masters Degree. So things have worked out well 🙂 Living at home is the life of a part-time working student in Ireland now I guess! There are pros to living at home though, I’m a serious home-bird and I’m very grateful for everything my parents do for me. I couldn’t ask for better ones. I love them ❤



Now as I mentioned in my last post, I went to Croatia and WOW! That place is beautiful. The scenery was mind blowing and I came back truly relaxed.. for a while! Aqua-aerobics in the sea, yummy food, plenty of drinks, sun bathing, exploring and mini golf.. what more could you want? 🙂 

Tragedy struck! On my last night whilst playing mini golf with my parents, I was bitten by a tick and unbeknownst to me contracted Lyme Disease. I had no idea. Never even heard of the disease before. That’s whats scary about it. Unless I’d been told about this disease I would probably of been left untreated. Let me backtrack a little bit though and start from the beginning:


So happy on my 1st night 🙂


The night I was bitten :/

It all started with a tick bite. I never even felt it but apparently you rarely do. They are so tiny they can hang on to your body for up to 48 hours without you ever knowing. Gross right? The next morning I woke up to pack my things and felt an itch on the left side of my right knee. But I always get bitten when I go on holidays.. I must have that sort of blood insects like so I never thought anything of it. On the plane home (3 hours flight) it started throbbing. By the time I got to my car and started driving us home (4 and a half hours later) my knee was stiff and sore. Dad had to take over driving. Still, I thought nothing of it. I figured I was allergic or something. So, lightheartedly (to share my pain with the world I guess :P) I posted a photo on Instagram of my bite, poking fun at myself at how I’m walking like a penguin :). When a lovely girl from Toronto named Liz pointed out that what I had looked a lot like a bite acquired from a tick and possibly had Lyme Disease. She said I had to go straight to a doctor and get antibiotics. HEART ATTACK TIME! I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. Started googling the crap out of it and surely enough, it looked pretty similar. I went the next day. She was right. I had it. I was prescribed antibiotics and time off work for the swelling to go down. I am extremely grateful to Liz for warning me. It just goes to show, never doubt the kindness of strangers ❤

So guys, if you ever go abroad please please please make sure that you pay attention to your bites. If they start to expand outwards and circular in size, radiate a lot of heat or start to look like a bulls eye (like mine below!) get it check out! However a small % of people aren’t lucky like me and had a “obvious” looking tick bite. So even if you have a small one and feel ill, joint pain, pins and needles in your feet or you’re just concerned then GO! Better to be safe than sorry. Lyme disease can last a lifetime, better to have meds for a short time.


My Instagram update post!


So yesterday I finished my last tablet. Lyme Disease free now. I caught a bug going around however as my immune system is pretty crap now so I spent all week in bed. One pro is that I got to relax and catch up on all my favorite YouTube channels that I love 🙂 con is I’m a social recluse who misses her friends and boyfriend ❤ however, there’s a silver lining. I’m getting better now and Amsterdam with Joe is next Thursday!! So a VLOG will be coming your way in 2 weeks! 

If you took the time to read this, thank you! You are awesome! And here is Liz’s page to help raise awareness to Lyme Disease!

Thanks for reading guys! Stay safe and stay beautiful!

Ciára xoxox ❤

Soo.. What’s up?

Yeah so it’s been what… 7 months? Not gonna lie I kiiiiinda fell off the blogging scene. And the simple reason for that is that as soon as I wrote my last one, life went crazy! Moved to Dublin, started life in a new place, a new college, a new course and with new people. SCARY! :O

But I regret nothing 😀 it’s been seriously awesome! This course at the moment is challenging as hell and right about now I want to pull my hair out over the assignments I have due. But still, I love it! Because it challenges me and opens my eyes to so many issues we have in the world today. This semester I have chosen to study Political Terrorism and Human Rights Law and it’s a huge workload. But it’s helped me see that when I leave college, I want to help people. And hopefully travel one day and see the world. That’d be swell. 

But for now I’m going on lots of short breaks! I went to Budapest (which is in Hungary) last February which was so beautiful. I’m going to Croatia in June with my parents and Amsterdam in July with my boyfriend! So it’s going to be an exciting year to say the least! In the mean time whilst I’m off seeing these places I’ll also be writing my thesis. Hopefully the college I’m in will actually like it and let me graduate! 😀 Masters Degree baby woooo!

Right now I’m having some writers block and I figured writing this would help me get typing something at least. Anyway, Ima go and bang my head against the table a little bit more. 🙂 promise I’ll write soon!

Adios guys. Stay classy xo

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(left – right) The Houses of Parliament in Budapest, Rubbing the Police mans belly for good luck :), St Stephan’s Basilica, Ice Skating beside Buda Castle, Joe and I celebrating St Patrick’s Day at the local parade, Lucile, myself and Airam = best room mates! ❤

Another Life Catch Up

so it’s been a while.. 🙂

how are all you lovely people?? I hope all your summers have been amazing and that you are all well and healthy.

I myself have had a very hectic but fun filled summer! I am currently typing this on my phone in my new accommodation in Dublin. Why am I in Dublin you ask? Well because I got that Masters degree I wanted 😀 that’s right guys.. I am now a Ma in International Relations student in DCU and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Also I went to Zakynthos with my parents and Joe in June and had an absolutely fantastic time 🙂 The Greek people are so kind and accommodating and the island is such a beautiful place. Also your money will stretch a very long way there 🙂 I would highly recommend there 🙂

so when I came back it was a lot of work shifts in the fast food place that I work and then in August it was my 21st 🙂 a long night of music, food, drink, dancing and good times! Had the best night of my life 😉 (pictures coming soon)

In September then was my Dads retirement and my graduation from NUIM! Two very big celebration one after another and I got very emotional leaving Maynooth! Made some incredible friends there and I have memories that will last me a life time.

Joe and I together 2 years on Friday so that’s a mini celebration too 🙂

so come on guys, let me in on your summers 🙂