Life catch-up

Firstly, Happy Easter you guys!! Scoff your faces!! Love me some chocolate I do 😀

So I havn’t blogged in… ages??

Why? Well basically life has been crazy. So much stuff has been going on and then I suppose once it calmed down I’d fallen out of the rhythm of blogging. 

I have 1 month left in college, super stressed with a ton load of work. I’ve been faced with problems of “what am I doing with me life!?”. 2 weeks ago I got offered a place in DCU to do a MA in International Relations as long as I get a 2:1. At first I was elated with happiness, pride and some nerves. But now the crunch-time has come.. time to get working.

I got my hair dyed a dark chocolate brown yesterday.. the blonde brown is gone.. I’ve gone to the dark side 🙂 I love the change! 


Joe and I are still together. 1 year and 1 half 🙂 never been happier. He treats me like a princess..he’s a keeper. That part of my life is awesome anyway 🙂

I’ve been hanging out with my mates and catching up with old ones. You find that when you leave secondary school and everyone goes different ways you fade apart. It’s nice to catch up over coffee. Keep your mates close. 🙂

I’m 21 this year and instead of a big function room party (which I would dread..don’t like all the attention), my parents have bought a 2-week holiday to Zakynthos for them, me and Joe. We go a week after my exams finish and I am so excited for it!


So, I’m going to go now and try and write an assignment on feminism in Irish literature.. If you ever feel sad, just look at this picture of a smiling lamb 🙂 Taa-raa